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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 7, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> sean: that is all the time we have tonight, be sure to join us sunday night 9 p.m., we will be investigation i going five stories you will going five stories you will >> >> shannon: happy labor day. i'm shannon bream in for greta tonight. we will bring you up to speed on everything you may have missed. starting with some bad poll numbers for democrats. according to pollster scott rasmussen. 4% of likely voters would vote for a republican candidate for congress this november. that compares to just 36% who say they prefer the democrats. president obama is not taking those numbers lying down. based on a speech in milwaukee today, is he fed up with the g.o.p. >> when it comes to just about everything we have done to strengthen our middle class, to rebuild our economy, almost every republican in congress says no. even on things we usually agree on.
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they say. no if i said the sky was blue, they would say no. [ laughter ] if i said fish live in the sea. they would say. no they talk about me like a dog. [ applause ] that's not in my prepared remarks. it's just -- but it's true. >> shannon: but even the left is frustrated with the president. here is what "new york times" columnist paul krugman said yesterday. >> obama had no vision he has not articulated a philosophy. what is obama's philosophy of government? he wobbles between sounding kind of like a liberal. then he says well the conservatives have some points, too. he concedes the message. there has never been like reagan did which is to say we have been on the wrong track. we are going to follow a very different track. that's going to change things. you need to support us in this.
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>> shannon: joining us now to talk about this president's speech today from new york andrea tan tar was, a conservative political commentator and contributor and right here on the set with me mark lavine a liberal radio talk show host. welcome to you both. mark, i'm going to start with you because you are in-house. you think that that as opposed to what paul krugman said yesterday, you seem to be a big fan of the speech. >> i wish paul krugman had seen this speech. what he said was yesterday this was a great speech. this is the best speech i have seen from president obama in more than a year. he gave it to the republicans. he let america know what they're all about. they are the party of no, you can't. they have filibustered everything. there have been more filibusters in this congress than every congress in american history put together. republican war on obama finally been called. the president has said i'm trying to bend over trying to -- you don't want to do anything. i loved the speech.
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>> shannon: you weren't quite as happy about the speech or quite a big of fan. >> the presidency is a tough jobs. so worried about what the republicans are criticizing him for. republicans on the economy are clearly doing something right, shannon. look at the polls that you quoted. they are 12 points ahead on the generic ballot. so, mark, i think that saying no, no, no, actually works because the majority of the american people actually agree with that they don't like what obama is doing. even though republicans may treat him like a dog, i don't know how he treats beau, the white house labradoodle, most americans treat their dogs pretty he will with. i think he wishes everyone treated him like a dog. at least dogs have a good sense to bury their bone rather than blow 50 billion on a stimulus which was the point of his speech today. $787 billion didn't work of deficit spending, 50 billion isn't going to work either. >> for the record bo does get to ride on air force one. he does have it pretty good. >> dogs are treated far, far better than conservatives treat
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obama. i don't call my dog hitler. i don't call him socialist and call him a muslim. andrea is right, republicans treat their dogs far far better than they treat barack obama. >> shannon: let me ask you because she makes a good point. a lot of americans in polling show they are tired of the president spending money. $50 billion in additional spending is there an appetite on capitol hill over the shoulder in the washington moon light, is there going to be an appetite for washington to get something done. >> whether there is or not, there should be. republicans have said no to everything. what andrea never mentions and i would like to hear it from you, andrea, is what the republican plans are. i actually read what john boehner's plans are, the man republicans want to make speaker of the house. what are they? warmed over bush proposals. privatizing social security. ending the mortgage interest deduction which i think every middle class person wants. say no to small business tax cuts. no to middle class tax cuts. i thought they liked it.
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they voted against every obama tax cut. democrats have a much better chance in november which is why andrea won't talk about what they say for, she will just say no, no, no. >> shannon: andrea, this is a criticism i know you hear day after day after day that republicans are just going after democrats but they don't have proposals of their own, do they. >> you have seen republicans during the health care debate. you heard paul rine, he put out republican plan. republicans have called for extension of the bush tax cuts which would really profoundly help private sector job growth more than the democrats planned. republicans have said time and time again cut spending. this is the biggest issue for independents which is why you see the big gap in the polling and why democrats are losing a lot of the democrat democratic vote. democrats aren't listening. republicans ared putting their proposals out there. democrats are actually saying no. they are not just saying no to the republicans. they are saying no to the american people that don't like the stimulus, the health care bill. i would point out this 50 billion-dollar stimulus today,
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again, it's really not a stimulus. it's actually just buying off special interest groups right before an election or, worse, looting the cookie jar are the american cookie jar with taxpayer money before a huge democratic loss to pay off his buddies in the unions. >> shannon: let's talk about that because the word stimulus keeps coming up. mark, the white house says we are not proposing another stimulus when you talk about $50 billion here, several hundred million, there are we just talking semantics. >> paul krugman is right. we need a much bigger stimulus. we ed needed a mu bigger stimulus last year the republicans stopped that here the big thing, the only difference between republicans and democrats is how much money to give millionaires, right? obama wants a middle class tax cut. 98% of americans, extend the bush tax cuts. republicans say we will not have allow middle class tax cut unless every millionaire gets $100,000 a more. republicans say we are fine with massive deficits as long as we give every millionaire hundreds
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of thousands a dollars a year that's from the joint committee on taxation nonpartisan group in congress. that's the only difference. >> that's the only one, mark. >> republicans just let the middle class get a tax cut and then we can argue whether to give millionaires all that money. republicans say no, we will not allow any american to get a tax cut unless we bail out the millionaires. that's what the debate is over. i think obama is ready to have that fight and should in november. >> shannon: andrea, i will give you the last word here. >> i wish. i wouldn't be sitting here right now. come on, mark, that's not the only difference between democrats and republicans. and, still. >> privatizing social security. >> krugman was right about one thing. he was right about the fact that obama no vision. he has no agenda. after health care reform. after financial regulatory reform he has really failed to articulate what he is doing. he is the ad.d. president. he is all over the place. people say stop spending and focus on the economy. he just hasn't done that den
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again, republicans are so far ahead in the polls because they have said no to democratic policies. i say they should keep doing it. >> shannon: andrea and mark a very spirited debate. you guys are great together. >> thank you. we will do it again. >> shannon: nice sparring. >> thanks, guys. >> shannon: do think the obama administration is making things better or worse. brand new poll numbers on that. later, following the money on the ground zero mosque. now, there are new allegations of a terror connection. we'll be right back with those reports. over a thousanpeople a day switch to chevrolet. let's find out why. this malibu is sharp, has great mileage and offers onstar. the hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty caught my attention. it's the chevrolet summer event, which means the only thing left to decide is who drives it home. me! her. me! qualified lessees now get a low mileage lease on this malibu ls, a consumers digest best buy, for around $19a month. call for details. the switch begins at
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>> shannon: who has got the plan to fix america's spudderring economy. president obama announced plans for billions of dollars more of stimulus spending today. >> i am announcing a new plan for rebuilding and modernizing america's roads, and rails, and runways for the long term. i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again. this is a plan that will be fully paid for. it will not add to the deficit over time. >> shannon: meanwhile the president's labor secretary claims we are moving in the right direction. >> we know we are in a tough situation and the high number of unemployed is unacceptable. and we know that we have to work quickly and continue to move on
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a pathway that will take us out of the ditch, so to speak. we know that in the last eight months we have actually added about 90,000 private sector jobs each month. that, i think is, a good indication that we are slowly moving to correct the bad situation that we were in. >> shannon: but the latest fox news poll shows that 46% of americans are extremely concerned about the economy. 47% feel the economy is worse because of obama administration's efforts. with us steve moore from the "wall street journal" and also rick santorum, former republican senator from pennsylvania. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: steve, correct me if i am wrong, this is all about infrastructure today $50 billion. plus, wasn't the original stimulus, a good chunk of it about infrastructure. >> remember the words shovel ready projects? that's what those were supposed to be. $75 billion for infrastructure spending. it went way up under the bush administration. we passed the biggest highway bill in the history of america.
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the idea that we're not spending enough money on these programs is wrong. i want to address one issue that was brought up on previous segment about the fact that the new democratic line, shannon, is the democrats didn't spend up in money. unbelievable argument. if you include all the programs, there has been about three stimulus. the first one, then we he had unemployment insurance. then a few weeks ago past -- this is ten times bigger than any other stimulus plan we have had in this country's history. if a trillion isn't enough what do they want 2 trillion? 3 trillion? >> shannon: we are not calling it a stimulus. the white house has made it clear not another stimulus. they know the american public is scared by that word. it's the exact same thing they did the first time. steve mentioned big chunk of the stimulus package, went out and touted was the shovel ready projects that they were going to get people out there to work with government projects to improve our infrastructure.
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our infrastructure needs to be improved. a lot of these programs are not shovel ready not the highest priority project because they were not funded. we have wasted this money. and the american public realizes this, that we have driven up huge deficits which people are very nervous about. and here is another $50 billion, not paid for, going to add to the deficit not going to do anything to turn this economy around. people understand the economy will not turn around until the private sector starts to rally and spending money on roads is not going to get the private sector to. >> this is fundamental disagreement right now in my opinion between the two parties. republicans around the country both incumbents and those running for some of these open seats and challenging democrats, they are running on a message rick of less spending. american people in favor of. less deaf deficits and less spending. start with cutting the programs not increasing them. get the money out to cut taxes.
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extend the bush tax cuts to let businesses have some certainty that they know when take them all away from them. that's what they're worried about right now. >> last few days we have gotten information on the economy. we saw the unemployment rate tick up a little bit. many within the administration are saying let's look at the positive within that administration. 67,000 new jobs created in august. is there any silver lining to the news. >> pretty lousy numbers. 9% unemployment now. 9% or more for the last 18 mort months when we started this whole stimulus plan unemployment rate was less than 8%. i will say, this the silver lining though is i was somewhat cheered by these new numbers because as an economist i was worried two or three weeks ago we were headed to a double dip recession. i think the less than that now which is a good thing. we don't want it another ditch. this economy, if you include people who can't find full-time jobs.
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the unemployment rate is closer to 16%, which is a disaster. >> shannon: along with what the president talked about today we know wednesday is he going to speak again in cleveland. is he going to talk about tax cuts, extending some. closing other loopholes. senator, is much of this going to be a difference in time for november. >> the only thing the president can do to help himself is reach out to republicans. he gives this speech. i can tell you i worked in the senate for several years under the bush administration. and angered blocking things we were doing. we would say to the president look, you have to go after the democrats. he refused to do it. he said this is -- the president does not play partisan politics like this. and to see a president like we have seen obama go out there and just, you know, make these almost juvenile references to republicans, about being treated like a cog. it's beneath the presidency for the president of the united states to say the things he has said. i'm excited it's got liberal talk show folks all jazzed up. average american when you see your president of the united states a man supposed to be above the fray sort of get into
1:17 am
the gutter with republicans up here on capitol hill does not engender the kind of confidence that this economy needs and the public needs that we have a leader that actually is adult here to try to run things. that's the problem. they look at this man, is he not taking the reigns. he is not reaching out. he is not trying to be constructive. he is trying to play to the crowd. it's not working. >> shannon: gentlemen, thank you both for giving us a chunk of your labor day. >> thank you. >> shannon: directly ahead, did one of the ground zero mosque finance years openly support terrorism. been doing digging. combat operations are over in iraq. but just this weekend americans were fighting militants in baghdad. details on the attack coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for dawn-to-dark hold.
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>> shannon: thanks for staying with us on the record tonight. now to the question is there a terror connection involving one of the financiers of the ground zero mosque? charles leaf, an investigative reporter for wnyw the fox affiliate in new york examined one of the mosque money men. take a look. >> how are you doing, sir? >> remember the egyptian born
1:21 am
businessman one of mosque developers shahriiff money men. >> may i ask you a question about shariff? >> sir would you tell us how you know him. >> we know he has a steak in the mosque near ground zer investment in the 4.8-million-dollar purchase. fox 5 news has also learned in 1999 he sent money to a terrorist organization the holy land foundation for relief and development also known as hlf. >> it changes the game. it really changes the issues. it changes the way we look at the first amendment issues. and brings on a whole new series of questions. we're not talking about a terrorist organization who is on a watch list. where some international list. we're talking about a major international terrorist organization that was convicted right here in the united states
1:22 am
just three years ago by a jury. >> tax records show he contributed more than $6,000 to the holy land foundation it was shut down by the federal government in 2001 and designate add global terrorist. five of its leaders were convicted in 2008 of providing material support to hamas. >> that money helped pay for suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks, shootings, et cetera. >> federal investigators say from its inception, hlf existed to support hamas. though it was set up as the largest muslim charity in the united states. tells fox five his client believed he was contributing monthly to an orphanage. >> you probably had some inkling that hlf was giving money to hamas and therefore to terrorist operations. >> his $6,000 contribution to hlf came in the same year his
1:23 am
egyptian parents were kidnapped in egypt air flight 990. it went down in the atlantic ocean off the coast of nantucket island. his attorney says the crash changed elzanaty's life and brought him closer to islam. made five attempts to contact him and each time he avoided. his connections to hlf raises new questions it? >> changes the debate about how insensitive it is or whether you agree with it or you disagree. and now it raises questions about security, safety, and whether or not you have a responsibility to check out whether or not these people are involved in some type of terrorist organization. thanks for having me. >> talking about who is this man? >> he is egyptian born, long island businessman. is he 51 years old. he has been involved in a number of businesses here in the new
1:24 am
york area. he owns medical clinics. he got involved in some real estate deals with the shariff ga mall. everyone seems to know this man as the mosque developer gamal. it seems now elzanaty is just as -- to the mosque as anyone. >> shannon: have you talked with him? >> well, you can see i have attempted to talk to him several times, he has avoided us each and every time. his attorney did spend some time with me on the phone, actually deviling pretty deeply into some of the personal side of mr. elzanaty and his background and gave explanation as to why he made donation to this hlf group now recognized terrorist organization shut down in 2001. the attorney told me that he was making this donation because he thought he was donating to an orphanage. again, you heard in that piece that terrorism experts say that
1:25 am
really doesn't hold up. >> shannon: what else you can tell us about hlf? it sounds like it's been established what their ties are. >> hlf was an organization being investigated by the federal government into the mid 1990s. it was basically reported almost everywhere that the federal government suspected this organization at least since the mid 1990s of funneling money to hamas, which is committed to committing jihad against israel, essentially the destruction of israel. and so, again, when you look at this situation, you have to say to yourself did, this guy do any -- even the most cursory look research into the organization, hlf and what were they doing with the money that the donations that they were receiving, all indications were if you had done any kind of searching in the 1990s you would have seen that this organization was suspected of sending money to a terrorist group. >> shannon: i want to ask you a lot of people attached to the mosque funding have been very
1:26 am
secretive about that i don't know if you have looked at others. are you getting the idea or the feeling that they just don't want to talk about it. >> clearly. that's what we have encountered from the get-go in this story. no one has wanted to step up and be honest about where the money is coming from, who has been involved. it's been one big mystery from the get-go. even the public officials. we tried to get responses from the new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the state attorney general, andrew comb cuomo. because there have been calls for an investigation here. an investigation that utilizes all the tools and resources that law enforcement have that he would don't have have journalists. yet, all these public officials, they are still sort of passing the bucks a well. they are either saying that they don't think it's their jurisdiction to investigate or as mayor bloomberg has stated just as recently as today he just they doesn't think this is something government should be involved in. >> shannon: all right, charles. very interesting reporting. thanks for joining us. >> sure. >> shannon: has the united states overreacted to the 9/11
1:27 am
attacks and the terror threat? one "newsweek" writer says yeah, we have. we're going to tell you about his theory. later on, new reports that joran van der sloot has admitted to trying to extort thousands from natalee holloway's parents. stay with us. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business, but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation. yellowbook's got all that. yellowbook360 has a whole spectrum of tools. the perfect recipe for success. visit and go beyond yellow. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends?
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satisfaction guaranteed. trust the number-one doctor-, gastroenterologist-, and pharmacist-recommended brand to treat your frequent heartburn. to request a free sample, visit prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. >> shannon: did america overreact after we were attacked on 9/11. one editor writes in the latest edition quote: >> shannon: with us now retired army brigadier author of the
1:31 am
novel "rogue threat." thank you for coming in tonight. >> thank you for having me here, shannon. >> shannon: have we overreacted to 9/11. >> doesn't give any credit to the u.s. military keeping the enemy on his 5-yard line. the reason they haven't attacked us is because of the brave men and women in the united states armed forces and coalition partners that have deployed overseas and gone in harms way and stopped this enemy on his own goal line. it has nothing to do with al qaeda incompetence. they demonstrated their confidence on 9/11 and on the kohl and tanzania. they have been planning to attack us for a long time. for him to say that they are not a threat is just irresponsible in my opinion. >> shannon: very interesting that it seems that al qaeda, you know, has many off chutes and branches. they can become aton news. follow things union line and get connected and it doesn't take a
1:32 am
large. fort hood shooter and christmas day bomber on the plane. and the times square bombing that was attempted as well. is it accurate to say we haven't been attacked? >> it's accurate to say that there has been no major attack. the biggest one has been at fort hood with the lone major there that went bizzerk and attacked and -- but the real issue is so that we have kept the enemy from coming over here in mass and pulling off another 9/11. the threat that we're seeing is that in somalia there is a splinter group of al qaeda, northern tier of africa there is several splinter groups. the arabian peninsula there are splinter groups. have you got al qaeda in iraq. al qaeda in arabian peninsula. so it's out there zarqawi's argue. soviets we overestimated. hussein we overestimated only 5,000 nukes where the russians only have 5,000 nukes how can we overestimate that he is
1:33 am
attacking the development structure that has developed in light of 9/11 and the "the washington post" did a series on that over the last couple of weeks as well. i would rather air on the side of too much intelligence and security than not enough intelligence and not enough security. >> shannon: what about the concerns though that many people have that we're talking about civil liberties that we're giving up or that they are being infringed upon as we try to more effectively monitor some threats and some elements out there that we need to keep an eye on. is it fair to say that we may have gone too far in some instances? >> i don't think so. i think where we have gone is to the heart of the matter. and most of these intelligence assets are focused overseas where they should be. and that is where the threat is. and so as we look at where the intelligence assets are, and where they are focused. i don't think that there is a concern about civil liberties here in the united states. >> shannon: now, there have been many criticized saying we made a
1:34 am
mistake by going in iraq. we should have focused on afghanistan. now we have two situations there. i want to ask you about iraq. >> sure. >> shannon: because we formally ended combat operations there. we see the violence is far from over there was a coordinated attack in weekend in baghdad. what do you make of the situation there? is iraq ready. >> you had redundant suicide bombers come in as breaching force and assault force came into the headquarters of the iraqi army. and they there are about probably 70 to 90 u.s. soldiers with all of these outfits and they responded. and they counter attacked. and so we had bomb disposal units. we had helicopters. we had predator drones flying and we had u.s. forces on the ground. sounds like combined arms operation to me. sounds like combat to me. i have been saying all along that it's really a mistake to say combat operations have ended. the last combat brigade came out, brigade combat team came
1:35 am
out but as long as we have got 50,000 troops in there, particularly 4500 special operations troops, they're gonna be in combat for the foreseeable future. >> shannon: very quickly i want to ask you when we say that combat operations over, is that sort of like waving the proverbial, you know, red flag in front of the bull who is waiting to attack. >> the enemy tests transitions. u.s. to u.s. transition unit. they will test that u.s. to iraq transition, and then we are waving the flag saying look, combat operations are over. what all these politicians need to understand is that the enemy gets a vote. >> shannon: general, great to see you tonight. thank you so much. >> great to be here. >> shannon: next up trort did joran van der sloot confess for telling them where their daughter natalee holloway could be found. we will tell you what a new report says. craigslist shuts down sex ads on web site or did they? that's all coming up next. ♪
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1:40 am
winds as they try to bring those flames under control. earthquake experts are fearing new zealand could be in for another powerful tremor in the next coming days after a series of sharp aftershocks which continue to rattle the central city of brides church. cleanup crews are getting underway. the quake was a 7.1 magnitude that demolished buildings, homes and destroyed roads. i'm ainsley earhardt. we return to "on the record." >> shannon: three fascinating legal stories for new this segment. we're going to begin with a dutch newspaper quoting joran van der sloot as confessing to taking money from the family of natalee holloway and, in return, promising to reveal the location of her body. but, as it turns out, he allegedly gave them nothing more than a bow bus burial site. joining us now from chicago to talk about it, tamara holder and attorney and fox news contributor and also attorney jennifer meter who's is also in
1:41 am
chicago. thank you for both of you joining us today on your labor day. great to see you. >> you, too. >> thank you. >> shannon: jennifer, i want to start with you. is this guy just addicted to publicity? can we trust anything he says? >> no. this guy is absolutely playing and tugging at the heart strings of all the victims, families, friends, and the countries that he has harmed. i'm tired of us of giving him a voice. we need to put the voice in the victim's families hands right now. this guy is playing a game of cat and mouse. and, quite frankly, he needs to be brought to justice and told he is not in control. and the only way he is going to learn that is once he is incarcerated and he sees the inside of a prison cell for a long time and maybe then we can take what he says seriously. >> shannon: tam remarks we know he is being held right now in peru on murder charges. but, could the fbi have gotten ahold of him before on these extortion charges and kept him from ever going to peru in the
1:42 am
first place? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. he should have been brought here to justice for this extortion well before he ever made it to south america. the thing is is that it has been previously reported, shannon, that this man had extorted other people for $25,000, the same exact amount that he extorted the holloways. back in 2007. also, that beth holloway's husband or ex-husband dave, natalie's father didn't even know about this extortion. maybe if beth had put her ducks in a row and i understand her emotions in this situation. she just wants to find her daughter. but, maybe if she had known or, you know, she explained it better, then she could have, you know he, set it up so that he could have been brought to justice, back when this deal was set up. but she knew what it happened in 2007. >> shannon: now, and apparently. >> we're playing with the criminal and we cannot trust that he would aever do the right
1:43 am
thing regardless of who knew about his game play. >> apparently he said to the newspaper he had quote him as saying that he wanted to get back at the holloway family because they made his life so tough for the past five years. i can't imagine the pain he has caused them, thinking that they are going to find their daughter. enough about joran. number two, let's deal with craig's list. we know they have gotten a lot of heat for the so-called adult services connection. it's been connected to allegations of human trafficking, even a murder case, prostitution, those kind of things. well, they have been under a lot of pressure to take it down. we now know on the site there is a tag that says censored over where the adult services were found before. jennifer, they have been under pressure for long time, several states' attorney general has come forward why now? >> they have been trying time and time again. what craigslist has done is by taking money for these adult services ads, they have a hand in this prostitution in my mind.
1:44 am
they have a hand in what's going on. they are as be in the as those who are clicking on these sites who are placing the ads and who are responding to the ads. they right now are, i think, playing a game by placing a censored tab over where the adult services ad once was. they should take it down. delete it, and not allow this type of transaction to occur ever again. they are breaking the law in my mind and states that are going after them are absolutely right. and i don't like. >> nobody is going after them. >> yes, many states. >> are they did this. >> 17 states attorneys general are. yes, they are. >> if i can just make my point. >> sure. >> craigslist, they did this willingly. they did this maybe because there was pressure. but here's the problem. what else happening now is that the prostitutes are now putting their services elsewhere. and the other thing is. [ laughter ] >> time and time again, they
1:45 am
have found -- they are. i'm not making this up. >> tam remarks that is preposterous. >> can i please finish my point. >> no. >> can i please finish my point. >> let tamara wrap up. we have a third topic to get to. tamara, make your point because we want to get to our third topic. >> sure. the problem is now because they have been shut down we can't find out hot human traffickers are we can't find out hot sex molesters are. the police were using that as a tool. that is now gone. now they are dispersing throughout the site and other internet options. so, i think we need to look at what the other options have so supreme can sell their legal, legitimate services and we can also go after the bad guys. >> all right. i have to ask you very quickly one sentence answer to you if we want to get through this last topic. this has to do with a federal judge in nebraska has ruled that this organization out of westboro baptist church. they picket at soldiers' funerals. they are now going to be allowed to desecrate the american flag in these different hearings that
1:46 am
they are having and these protests that they are having. tamara, okay or not okay? >> okay. it's been ruled before. >> shannon: and jennifer? >> not okay. it's an offense to the family of every military soldier who has lost their lives. both who are fighting there and also to cloak themselves in the first amendment, and desis desee the american flag it's becoming unamerican to be american and that's wrong. >> shannon: they are headed to the supreme court. we will cover that later this year when it gets there. ladies, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: all right, directly ahead, tropical storm hermine is expected to make landfall tonight in texas. we have got our weather experts monitoring the situation moment by moment. we have a report. later on tonight, last call, we will introduce tout shortest man in the world. it's official. coming up a little bit later. [ female announcer ] staynce... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn
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>> this is a fox news alert. tropical storm hermine just made landfall in mexico and could affect parts of texas tonight. joe bastardi is monitoring the situation. he joins us from state college, pennsylvania. all right, joe, what's the very latest. >> fortunately hermine is getting on shore right now because given another six or eight hours it would have been a bigger storm it is moving right
1:51 am
through that agriculture rich area of deep south texas rio grande valley where we get a lot of crops in there it is going to be causing some damage with high winds, heavy rains and even the threat of tornadic activity. we take a look at the radar, show something interesting here. you can see the banded structure with the storm. as it begins to come on shore at about 35, 40 miles south of brownsville it jerks north a little bit because it's trying to stay near the coast. these storms don't like to go on shore until they are forced completely. but the track is north-northwest up through the rio grande valley. that means this area is going to really get raked with very, very strong winds. our gusts as high as 60, 70 miles per hour. probably be some tornadic activity. 3 to 6 inches of rain. that is going to cause some dang. this is the fifth incident of a tropical cyclone impacting the united states coast line this year also already. so far though, shannon, it's been just like jab, jab, jab. we haven't had any major storms hit anybody yet that may still
1:52 am
be in the making. not a whole lot in the atlantic going on right now. action coming off africa. this is remnants of gaston. a week from today clustering of thunderstorms here and here. very active tropical storm track regenerating again. one could see all this clear air out here and that is strength of the bermuda high which will be steering these storms westward towards the united states. so so far if we look at this season, and what we have had, a lot of people say where is the big season? well, if you see how many storms have actually impacted the united states, we're already at normal production for the entire year as far as influence on our coast. we're not even halfway through the hurricane season. of course, we had alex earlier in the year impact deep south texas. a tropical depression went into deep south texas over here. a tropical depression went into the louisiana coast. now we have hermine, bonnie hits south florida. of course, we just saw earl
1:53 am
sideswipe the eastern seaboard a hundred mile to the east. hundred miles west it would have been a major storm for much of the east coast from cape hatteras on northward. close calls lately. big storms in the atlantic. how many more do we expect to go on this year? well, if we look at the amount of the coast that's been warned so far this year by impact from a tropical cyclone, in other words, at least a tropical storm tropical storm warning. that's quite a bit of the u.s. coast line. again, the problem we have with this season is if you look at seasons like this 1950, 1964, '95, '98, the big kahunas in those years all came after september 15th. that and that's where our forecast is going. so far there have been eight storms, five impacts on the u.s. coast. only one that caused hurricane conditions, earl on the outer banks of the north carolina coast. but for the rest of the year, i expect 10 to 12 named storms, five additional impacts on the u.s., and three or four of these probably hurricanes.
1:54 am
so, the season is really revving up. and is yet to reach its high point. >> shannon: all right, joe, very quickly, i want to ask you for folks there in texas waiting for the full impact of the storm. what's your best advice at this point? >> i don't think you can do two bucks right now except hunker down with what you have. and what i was telling some folks i know in deep south texas should have generators ready and that type of thing. they have had a heck of a lot of rain down there. this is taking a track down there like beulah in 1967, that was a category 4 hurricane. alice in 1954 was category 1. this will be much more like alice where the dangerous wind and perhaps tornadic activity -- excuse me flooding and perhaps tornadic activity rather than overpowering winds. i do expect power outages out there. 60, 70 mile-per-hour gusts with the way the ground is soaked, knock trees down and cause outages. big threat from flooding and possibly tornadoes. watch the remnants of these things, two or three days see
1:55 am
them in kansas causing excessive ralph. you may be able to track them all the way through tennessee and south carolina by next weekend. >> shannon: thanks for lending us your expertise. our thoughts and prayers will be with the folks down there. thank you, joe. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> shannon: still ahead. your last call. a quick break and then we introduce you to the smallest man in the world. stick around for this record-breaking report. ♪ [ male announcer ] an everyday moment can turn romantic anytime. and when it does, men with erectile dyunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily us cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take everday, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪ tell your doctor about your medical condition and almedications, d ask if you're healthy enoh for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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>> greta: all right. 11:00 is almost here, time to flash the studio lights. it is time for last call. let us introduce you to a small guy with a very big move. edward nino hernandez can boogie down. he's a better dancer than i am. but that is not why guiness world vordz writing him up. the 4-year-old columbian man stands just over 27 inches high, the world's shortest man there. is a record breaking reason to stand tall that. is your last call. the lights are blinking and we're getting ready to close down shop here on the record. we thank you for being here tonight. greta will be back tomorrow, here, tuesday. make sure you follow greta on twitter, she updates more than anyone i know. an


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